2023 Itinerary

April 10 - April 15, 2023

Southern Pines, North Carolina, USA

This is the itinerary that has been set up for the week of April 10th-15th, 2023 at the Pine Needles Lodge and GC. I have designated various responsibilities once we are there to even out the workload. The goal is to have fun, play golf and enjoy all of the North Carolina hospitality. This will be a Ryder Cup format with official drawing of matches each day. There is no guarantee of who you will be paired with in any given round so please accept what you get. You will NOT have the same playing partner twice but may be in the same group. Everyone is responsible for their own conduct throughout this week. If we go anywhere outside the lodge as a group then we return as a group. No man is left behind. This should be an epic week and I look forward to socializing with all of you throughout the event.


Best Ball – Best individual net score. Keep in mind pace of play. One point for the front, back and overall.

Scramble – Each player must use three tee shots per nine holes. Each player plays from where the ball lies. Whatever shot you take, that player plays first (including the green) and cannot move the ball (other than marking on the green). The second player places the ball as close to the same place as possible. Same scoring format.

Singles – Mano a Mano. Net score. Same scoring format.

The matches will be set by the respective Captains using a snake format. This means if the Basement Flooders put up a team, then Fore Play follows suit. Fore Play would then put the next team up first. This continues until all matches are set. There will be some strategy involved in this process so if you are easily confused then just sit back and enjoy a beverage and wait to see who your partner is and who you are up against.

Skins – There will be a skins game each round with greenies (closest to the pin). Same as everyone has played at some point at DV. This works out to a total of $132.00 US$ (6 X 22) payable on the first night. Any skins not won each day will go toward the final night’s tab.

April 10th

  • Check in. Wind down. Enjoy a beverage or two
  • 7:00pm (sharp!) – meet in the common area of the Wedge Lodge for team introductions by Captains and Co-Captains…cue the music Benny!
  • 8:00pm – convene at the Pine Needles restaurant
  • welcome message from the Emcee
  • following dinner, matches set for day 1 in the Wedge Lodge (two man better ball)
  • scotch/bourbon tasting and cigars (hosted by the Gayowsky Distillery)
  • Skins money collected by the Financial Officers (see below)

April 11th

  • 9:27am-10:03 – tee times Talamore GC – One round two man better ball
  • lunch and beers at Talamore following golf
  • return to Wedge Lodge to freshen up and for leaderboard update
  • 4:00pm – transition to Pinehurst GC to play The Cradle (optional)

Note: The Cradle can only be booked one day in advance so this could change (transportation to be arranged by Keeley Logistics)

  • 8:00pm – dinner at the Pinehurst Brewing Co.
  • 10:00pm back at the lodge
  • leaderboard update (Benny’s Official Scorekeeping Inc.)
  • matches for morning round of day 2

April 12th

  • 7:35am-8:15 – morning tee times at Mid Pines (two man scramble)
  • lunch after 18 holes – matches set for round 2
  • 1:55pm-2:35pm – afternoon tee times (singles format)
  • 8:00pm – pizza at the Lodge supplied by the first time Pine Needles participants

(ordering and delivery arranged by Keeley Logistics)

  • leaderboard update (Benny’s Official Scorekeeping Inc.)
  • matches set for day 3
  • scotch/bourbon and cigars on the deck (hosted by the Gayowsky Distillery)

April 13th 

  • 8:53am-9:53am – tee times at Southern Pines (two man better ball)
  • return to Pine Needles Lodge for light lunch followed by drinking and gambling on the deck overlooking the 18th green (optional) – free time ( I would imagine some guys will hit the range after stating “Fuck, I can’t believe how bad I was out there”)
  • 7:00pm – dinner in the Town of Southern Pines – Beefeaters in Southern Pines (reservations and transportation arranged by Keeley Logistics)
  • If anyone chooses to not attend this team dinner please advise Tim so he can adjust the reservations accordingly. Please don’t say you are going and then change your mind without letting Tim know well in advance
  • 9:00pm – return to Lodge
  • leaderboard update (Benny’s Official Scorekeeping Inc.)
  • matches set for morning round of day 4

April 14th

  • 8:00am-8:40am – morning round at Pine Needles (two man scramble)
  • lunch after 18 holes – matches set for round 2
  • 2:00-2:40 – afternoon tee times (singles format)
  • following round – official Ryder Cup photo under the Rolex clock
  • 7:00pm – meeting and celebrations at the Lodge
  • 8:00pm – concluding dinner and trophy presentation at the Pine Needles restaurant (losing side pays for the meal and four bottles of wine, either house wine or corkage fee)
  • 10:00pm – continued celebrations at the lodge – free for all!

April 15th

  • Wedge Lodge clean up (see duties and responsibilities)
  • Departure by 11:00am

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Benny – Official Scorekeeper
  • Keeley – Logistics Coordinator
  • Brett – Event Coordinator/Captain
  • Frank – Emcee Monday evening/Co-Captain
  • Jed – Wedge Lodge Management and Security/Captain
  • Phil/Scott – Co-Captain. Chief financial officers ($20 skins money per round ($120.00 US).
  • Rick – Fox News updates/Yoga instructor
  • Chase – Dietician/Fitness Coordinator/chick magnet
  • Colin – Course Conduct Supervisor – “Just chill boys!”
  • Kampsy – Wedge Lodge cold beverage coordinator/Assistant Logistics Coordinator
  • Dave – Assistant Wedge Lodge security manager/Cartel coordinator
  • Mark and Steve – Distillery Management Team

In alphabetical order:


  • Maintenance Crew – Wedge Lodge daily maintenance coordinators. Responsible for maintaining a clean, orderly and sanitary place of enjoyment on a daily basis and final clean up prior to departure. Reporting directly to the Wedge Lodge Management team.
  • 20th guy – no responsibilities. Thanks for helping us out!


Boys, as with any event with this many participants I’m sure there will be bumps in the road along the way. We will manoeuvre through whatever gets in the way to make this trip memorable for all. These are fantastic golf courses and the weather this time of year last year was ideal. We will be using 80% of your Golf Canada index based on the tees we are playing from. I know last year we chose to play the tips and at times this proved to be extremely difficult even for the better players. We will discuss this prior to the commencement of play so that everyone can enjoy the courses. There are a few amenities at the Lodge for those interested such as a lighted putting green, unlimited range, a few short par three holes and a pool.

I look forward to seeing everyone at Pine Needles on April 10th. Take care and safe travels.