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Just a Few Housekeeping Items

Please complete the survey below, so we can finalize plans, reservations etc. All submissions are anonymous.

With regards to travel, below is a complete list of what would be required. If we opted for trips provided, we are looking at $60 total. This is without negotiating a flat fee which I will discuss with the driver I have lined up.

** Red indicates travel with clubs @ $1o per trip. **
Tuesday, April 11 – 8:15am – Pine Needles to Tallamore Golf Club 
Tuesday, April 11 – 3:00pm (approx) Pick from Tallamore, and brought back to Pine Needles
Tuesday, April 11 – 7:45pm – Pine Needles to Pinehurst Brewing Company for dinner
Tuesday, April 11 – 9:45 – Pick from Pinehurst back to Pine Needles
Thursday, April 13 – 8:00am – Pine Needles to Southern Pines
Thursday, April 13 – 2:00pm (approx) – Southern Pines to Pine Needles
Thursday, April 13 – 6:30pm – Pine Needles to Southern Pines (Restaurant TBD)
Thursday, April 13 – 9:00pm – Return to Pine Needles

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