In The Beginning

In 2018, two members from Dundas Valley GCC (Brett and Grant) embarked on a golf adventure to North Carolina where they met up with Cataraqui member (Simpy). Brett and Simpy had met at a provincial event where they enjoyed a cold Yuengling beverage on the course when their round went for a shit. This was a memorable visit to North Carolina with courses such as Pine Needles, Mid Pines and Tobacco Road.

The following year, another trip was formed, this time including Jed and Phil. It was another memorable experience.

Following the pandemic, the four DV members decided to expand the trip to 12 members. This turned out to be an epic trip and created a “buzz” around the Valley, prompting many more members expressing an interest. The selection of members was considered an exclusive opportunity and available by invite only.

In 2023, the North Carolina experience was taken to new limits and expanded to 20 members. It is on this latest venture where the Dundas Valley Ballbusters were born.